Hannah Vandewiele

Hannah Vandewiele

Hannah Vandewiele

Hannah graduated as Bio Engineer – Food technology and developed this way her interest in innovative food systems that can solve the complex problems of today in a sustainable way. She is determined to use here knowledge as Bio engineer and her entrepreneurial spirit to make agricultural processes more efficient and make sure we can keep on using our environmental resources in a sustainable way while improving farming livelihood. After here graduation she mainly worked on the development of a climate smart aquaponics app together with the BC ITversity and the R&D platform Bothlale Village. Next to that she was also involved as a project developer in the implementation of the modular smart solar aquaponics system into different communities in South Africa. For this she wrote out a funding project and created a strong multidisciplinary consortium together with the executive director of Bothlale Village.

Back in Belgium she won for her innovation project in South Africa the 2nd place of the KPMG management award.

After South Africa Hannah started her career as First Line Manager Energy & Fluids with AB InBev in her hometown in Leuven, Belgium. Here she is responsible for the whole water treatment system and the reduction of the CO2, energy and water in the Leuven Brewery.

Next to her daily job she is also business developer @ Leuven Value Network. This organization brings the young ambitious people of Leuven together to network, brainstorm and create new ideas & solutions together.

Because of her passion for aquaponics and because Hannah was so inspired by the mission of feeding Africa she decided to stay involved in the project Feeding Africa Unlimited.

Hannah became the first ambassador of feeding Africa unlimited. This way she will represent and introduce feeding Africa unlimited to interested stakeholders in Belgium. She will also be involved in the implementation of the modular system in Benin a project in collaboration with the Foundation Hubi & Vinciane.

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